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Cookies are small chunks of data which are necessary for the website to work. Therefore, we save them on your computer. Just the majority of other web pages.

What are cookies?

Text files which websites save on your device when you start using them. This way, the websites can temporarily remember your actions and preferences so that you don't have to perform them over and over when navigating for other parts of the website.

How are cookies used on Upvest?

Necessary Cookies

User consent with these cookies is not required as they are essential for the correct functionality of some parts of this website.

Performance Cookies

You agree with these cookies by using the page. These cookies collect aggregated hence unpersonalised information about the users of these pages. They are used to improve the functionality of these pages.

Functional cookies

You also agree with these cookies by using this website. These cookies make the user experience better by remembering your preferences. Information collected this way can be anonymous and do not follow user activity on other websites.

Targeted or ad cookies

These cookies collect data about user search behaviour which are then used to make ads more relevant. The aim of these cookies is to better target ads to relevant users. They are also used to limit the number of ads which are shown to one user and they make ad campaigns more effective. These cookies are usually places on third party websites with the approval of the website owner. The information about website visits are stored in the cookies and this information is then shared with other parties. These cookies are oftentimes connected to the correct functionality of the websites provided by a third party.

Cookies will not be used for other purposes which are not listed here.

How to change cookies usage?

You can change the settings of the cookies according to your preferences (e.g. you can delete them). Detailed information can be found at aboutcookies.org. Your can delete all cookies which are stored on your computer and majority of web browsers have the option to prevent cookies from being stored. However, if you do choose this option, you will likely have to manually set up your preferences with every visit of some website and some websites might not work as expected.

The majority owner of upvest s.r.o. is the company

Upvest is registered as a small-scale payment service provider by the Czech National Bank.


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